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'The Calling'

exercise your connection to 

Many of us are confusing the internet as a 'source of information' with the Source. Enhance your creativity and gift by exercising your connection to Source, the REAL source.

Your inbuilt ability to receive answers from the Universe!

I challenge you to try this today. What is it that you LOVE to do? Drawing, singing or cooking- now create it from scratch (instead of searching for a recipe). Like making it your own original

During my songwriting process I discovered you can realign with this special place, if you create something original and feel stuck. Give it sometime, even a day or two and let the answer come back to you. This helps develop our talent and is an amazing way to spark your creativity and connect to the higher source.  

    Hi there! I'm in the process of recording new original songs.. 

    And qiqi (琪琪)  is my nickname since I was a kid. 

    I love that I get to make music I love- by telling a story of me and of real life experience.

    So looking forward to sharing them with you! <